How Does Custom Image Printing Work?

How it Works?

First you select a file to upload, it will be sent to us for review and eventually printing. After that, you fill out the simple form underneath the upload area. It is very important to remember to type your Image name correct, otherwise there could be difficulties getting your products back to you. If you have anything else to say afterward, feel free to write it in the comment section. 

What Happens To The Uploaded Files?

The files uploaded are only stored in the connected cloud services of Paint The Town Inc. These files are not stored in any third-party servers. So you don't have to worry about pictures of your dog ending up all over the internet.

Why is There no "pay Now" Button?

We want to make sure that your picture is good enough for printing and that we can accommodate for your needs, As soon as we decide that we can live up to your expectations we will contact you about pricing.    

How Long Until I get My order?

After we receive you order it will take one to three business days to process and print. Then it will be picked up by FedEx and sent to you, depending on your location that can take anywhere from two days to a week.