Q. What is the maximum amount of characters each line can contain?

A. We do not have a minimum or maximum number of characters per line of text. However, take into consideration the physical size of the product and how many characters you are putting on each line. For example, if you are personalizing a 17" long sign and you only put your initials on a line of text there will naturally be a good amount of empty space on the sign. The opposite would happen if you put a very long quote on one line of text for the same size sign. The lettering would be very small and may not be legible from a distance. Our artists will do their best to make sure your sign is visually balanced no matter how many characters you have, but as a general rule of thumb we do not recommend more than 20 characters of text, including spacing, on a single line.

Q. Once I place my order how long will it take for it to arrive?

A. Once we receive your order we will start work on it right away. Often times your order will ship on the same business day that we receive it, but your order will ship the latest within 5 business days from us receiving it. We ship all of our products using standard FedEx ground.

Q. What is your return or exchange policy?

A. If your product is damaged in shipping or you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your product we will exchange your product for a new one immediately. However, due to the custom nature of our products we will not offer refunds or returns for items with personalization that was entered by you incorrectly. Please check for spelling or typographical errors, including punctuation and capitalization before you place your order.

Q. What do I do if my product arrives damaged?

A. In the rare chance that your product arrives damaged please give us a call or email us right away and we will have your damaged product shipped back to us and a replacement product sent out to you free of charge immediately.

Q. Can my signs be hung outside?

A. all of our products including signs are intended for interior use only. We do not design our signs to go outdoors and we do not recommend hanging them outdoors, but if you do hang them outside we recommend hanging them out of the direct sun and coating them with multiple coats of polyurethane to prolong their life. While these precautions will prolong the life of a sign that is hung outdoors, it will still have a much shorter lifespan than a sign hung indoors

Q. Can I change the background design of my product?

A. The personalization on all of our products can be completely customized to say whatever you like. We also strive to offer a large assortment of background themes and designs for you to choose from. However, the background theme including the design, background color and font color cannot be changed.

Q. Do you discount for large orders?

A. We strive to offer the highest quality personalized products at the fairest price. In order to achieve this we offer you our everyday lowest price possible and do not discount.

Q. Can I change the font of my personalized product?

A. The font that is matched with the sample product is the font that comes with the sign. Unfortunately, we cannot interchange fonts between designs and the font and font color that you see is what comes with that style.